Pighill Archaeological Illustration and Graphics

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Pighill Heritage Graphics

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Illustration, Graphic Design, Web sites, Reconstruction Artwork, Vector Illustration

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Neolithic flint knapping   Eynsham Abbey, Oxfordshire  
Roman dress sense   The Taplow burial  
Mammoth hunt   Setting up the groma  


Archaeological Illustration & Heritage Graphics

Bring the past to life

NAA are proud to work with Pighill Heritage Graphics.

Pighill: is run by Peter Lorimer and his wife Rosalyn in Lincolnshire. With 20 years combined experience of commercial archaeology between them, they produce a wide spectrum of heritage interpretation solutions for clients both large and small.

Peter is probably best known for his photo realistic archaeological reconstruction artwork. His illustrations have appeared in museums and are features of heritage sites across the UK and Europe.

Rosalyn, an illustrator and web-media specialist, designs and builds XHTML websites for PC and mobile platforms. NAA would like to thank Peter and Rosalyn the marvelous job producing this website. Alongside her cutting edge vector artwork she is also an experienced watercolour artist.

To reinforce their traditional graphic and illustration skills they are constantly exploring new heritage applications for next generation technology such as augmented reality and large scale lenticular printing.

This relationship allows NAA to offer, exciting and innovative solutions for heritage interpretation, including on site information panels, websites, and engaging archaeological guides, trails, and publications. NAA can help you make the best of your heritage, and with Pighill, can help you share your history with a wider audience and bring the past to life in ways you never thought possible.