Bridlington to Haisthorpe Pipeline Open Day

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Bridlington to Haisthorpe Pipeline Open Day

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Yorkshire Water

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Community involvement and PR

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Life can be tough when you are in the Roman army   Meet a Roman auxilary soldier, David Shackleton, from Vicus Romans and Britons-bringing the past alive  
Exploring animal bones found during excavation   Gail explaining the joys of a Roman menu  
Getting to grips with environmental processing   Identifying finds  


Bridlington to Haisthorpe Pipeline Open Day

The Romans Come to Carnaby

As part of a continual programme of community involvement, Yorkshire Water asked NAA to organise an archaeological open day centred around their work on the Bridlington to Haisthorpe Water Pipeline Scheme. The event was held at the Manor Court Hotel in Carnaby and was attended by a number of people from around the local area as well as children from the nearby schools.

NAA's graphics department worked together with the field and post excavation teams to provide a number of colourful and informative display boards which were arranged all around the exhibition room, each focusing on various aspects of the scheme including the general background to the project and the sites excavated. Three sites in particular were chosen to explore some key themes affecting life in Eastern Yorkshire during the Iron Age and Roman periods. The issues of land management and farming during the Iron Age were explored using material from Green Dykes on the Nafferton Wold, while objects found during the excavation of the Town Pasture site at Thornholme were used to give some idea of what it must have been like to live on a Romano-British farmstead in the 1st and 2nd century AD. Finally, the trials and tribulations of dealing with ancient waste disposal were investigated with reference to the various assemblages found in midden pits and deposits at Great Kendale.

A range of information was made available to visitors. As well as the printed material, there were displays of objects found during excavation, together with modern replicas for comparison. NAA's post excavation staff also organised two handling sessions where visitors had the opportunity to hold and discuss the various objects displayed which included bone combs, a quern stone, loom weights, flint assemblages, animal bone, a hammer stone and various types of pottery. There was also a demonstration of Roman cloth-making techniques which included a discussion on the types of plants used to make natural dyes during this period and how these were prepared, and a talk on Roman cooking with hints and tips on preparing a perfect Roman supper. However, by far the most popular event with the children from the local primary school was an impressive display of military prowess by our tame Roman auxiliary soldier,David Shackleton, from Vicus Romans and Britons.

All in all, the day proved a great success, providing a good mixture of education and fun, creating a great opportunity to help Yorkshire Water keep the local community informed of ongoing utilities work in their area and also to open channels for public feedback and discussion.