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Project Profiles

Whitehills Gas Storage

Whitehill Gas Storage, East Riding:
A campaign of fieldwalking, geophysical survey and trial trench excavation...
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Samlesbury Gas Pipeline

Samlesbury Gas Pipeline, Lancashire :
NAA undertook a series of excavations in advance of the construction of a gas...
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As our demand for energy continues to grow, new schemes for the generation, storage and distribution of power are being developed across the country to meet this increasing need. Assessing the impact on the historic environment is a key factor in scheme planning and design. By their very nature, energy schemes are complex and, as such, it is vital that any heritage impacts are addressed at an early stage and built into the design and development programme.

We have considerable experience working on large schemes relating to gas storage, gas pipelines, oil and gas exploration, windfarms, overhead transmission lines and underground cabling; inputting into Environmental Statements and preparing evaluation and mitigation strategies. Our qualified and professional project managers will help identify any significant heritage issues from the outset, and continue to work with you throughout the duration of a project, from scoping to installation.

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