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Mitchell Laithes Sewage Treatment Works

Mitchell Laithes Sewage Treatment Works, West Yorkshire:
The Highways Agency's project to upgrade the...
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Cowpen Bewley Gas Pipeline

Cowpen Bewley Gas Pipeline, County Durham:
Lowland Iron Age settlement sites were a relatively rare phenomenon in...
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Cowpen Bewley Gas Pipeline

East Coast Pipeline, North Yorkshire and East Riding:
Unique opportunity to study a transect across two very different landscapes...
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Providing historic environment advice to the utilities sector has been one of NAA's primary areas of operation for the past 20 years, working with the water, electricity, gas and telecommunications industries. As a sector, the utilities market is under constant pressure to install new services and replace or maintain existing networks. Understanding historic environment issues and constraints early on in a scheme helps avoid costly delays at a later stage.

NAA has worked on a range of schemes including routine repairs and renewals, new clean and waste water pipelines, and both overhead and underground power transmission schemes. Our team of experienced project managers will ensure good communication and resource planning, flexibility and rapid response, and the delivery of work on time and within budget.

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